How to Make Money Online in Kenya [9 Best Ideas]


Looking for how to Making money online in Kenya? then you’re on the right page, keep reading 

Thou it’s not easy unless you have the right skills and can exploit some opportunities. You won’t get rich quickly, but with hard work and dedication, you will be able to make a sustainable income online.

However, the benefits of working from home are that you can manage your time better, cut costs on commuting, and make more money from the same hours spent at work.

The digital economy has opened up lots of new opportunities for making money online; there are many ways to monetize your online presence. Now let’s dive in on ways to make money online in Kenya.

When deciding which of these strategies to pursue, it’s essential to consider your own strengths and interests. What you enjoy doing and what you’re good at will come across in your work and, in turn, lead to a happier and more successful career.

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Sell Your Skills

how to make money online in kenya

One of my favorite how to make money online in Kenya methods is selling your skills online. Why? Because it’s the same place I started too and I can tell you it’s a pleasant sweet experience.

If you have a specific skill or expertise in a particular area, you can monetize it by providing your services online. For example, if you’re a certified accountant, you can offer your accounting services to people managing their finances online.

You can also offer your advice and expertise on topics like how to invest in the stock market, how to write a will, how to start a business, and so on. You can provide your services through websites like UpWork, Freelancer, Remote, or PeoplePerHour.

Since you’re providing a skilled service, you can charge a fee that is worth your time and expertise. If you have a skill that is in high demand, like programming, you can set a premium for your services.

Another option is to offer your service for a monthly subscription. This allows customers to try out your service without committing to one large purchase. 

Subscriptions are perfect for customers who are on a budget but would like to access your skillset on an ongoing basis. An excellent way to start a subscription service is to offer a free consultation for your customers. 

At the end of the consultation, you can let them know that they will be charged a certain amount each month if they want to continue working with you.

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Run an Ecommerce Store

ways to make money online in kenya

If you have a passion for fashion, you can open an online store where you sell clothes or accessories.

You can either buy the items wholesale from a manufacturer and sell them at a discounted price or find a manufacturer that will make the product from your design.

If you’re good at branding and marketing, you can also open an online store that sells a wide range of products. You can sell products that are popular and have high demand, or you can try to find a niche market.

Choosing a niche will help you to focus on a specific group of people and what they might need. It will be easier for you to find the products for your store and market them to the right people. 

An online store does require some investment, but it can be very lucrative if you choose the right products and find a target audience. Choosing the right products is vital, and that means doing some research and due diligence to find products with the potential to generate sales. 

It is also essential to find a target audience that is interested in the products you are offering. There are many ways to discover these things, including reading reviews, researching competitor offerings, and talking to potential customers. 

Once you have found a product and a target audience, the next step is to create a website where you can sell your product. Building an e-commerce website does not have to be expensive or complicated. 

There are many website creation tools that make it quite simple and inexpensive to create a website.


How can I earn money from mpesa online?

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online in Kenya because you can do it part-time and make a full-time income.

There are many ways to monetize a blog, and the best approach is to diversify how you earn money by offering many avenues.

If you want to start your own blog, you can look for an idea that is both interesting and relevant to your interests.

Once you have an idea, you need to start building your blog. The first thing that you need to do is decide on a domain name and hosting. These are the basics that you need to have before you start writing. 

Once you have chosen a domain name, it is time to design your blog. You can either do this on your own or hire a designer on a site like Upwork or Fiverr. Once you have a design, it is time to start writing. 

As you are writing, you need to keep in mind that you want to create something that is helpful to your readers. Once you have your first blog up and running, it is time to let the readers come to you and start driving traffic to your site.

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Sell Digital Products

 how to make money online in kenya 2022

If you are looking for how to make money online in Kenya, selling digital products should be on your priority list.

Digital products include e-books, online courses, software, tutorials, and other content that is delivered online. You can create digital products by writing books, creating courses about a topic you’re knowledgeable about, or creating software that can solve a problem.

You can sell digital products on your own website or on marketplaces like Amazon or Udemy. If you partner with a marketplace, you’ll get a percentage of the revenue for each sale.

You can also create a membership site or a subscription service to sell access to videos or other content.

You can sell digital products through email marketing as well. Email marketing can be a great way to sell digital products. You can offer software, eBooks, courses, or other information through email. 

Customers can sign up to receive these emails, and when they click the link in the email, they will be taken to a website where they can purchase the digital product.


Affiliate Marketing

 how to make ksh 500 per day online

Affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s products and services and get a commission for each sale you generate. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online in Kenya.

All you need is a blog or website, and you can make money by promoting any products or services. Your readers will click on these links, purchase the products, and you will get a commission.

This can be done through social media, email, blog posts, or even paid to advertise.

You’ll be promoting products and services, which means you won’t be liable for any refunds. In order to succeed with affiliate marketing, you must know how to drive traffic to your site or blog.

You can do this through social media, paid ads, or content marketing. There are lots of different affiliate networks to sign up to, and they usually take a cut of each sale you generate.

This is a great way to make passive income. You can promote anything from Amazon or another significant marketplace like ShareASale, jvzoo, or worriorplus, as these platforms pay higher commissions than Amazon.

The best affiliate marketing tips are to select a topic that you are interested in and passionate about. This will come across in your writing, and readers will be drawn to your blog or website.

You will also be a lot more motivated to write new content and promote products that you are interested in.

Another great tip is to diversify your affiliate marketing portfolio. You don’t want to be promoting only one or two products. You want to make sure that you have different sources of income.


Drop shipping


You can start an online business by drop shipping. It is a business model where you do not keep the inventory. You are selling products that are already stocked by your supplier.

Once the order comes, the supplier will ship the products directly to your customer. You do not need to invest in any inventory or maintain an inventory.

This is the simplest business model. You do not need to invest in inventory or maintain an inventory. You do not have to worry about storage, shipping, or anything. You can focus on marketing.


Virtual Assistance

virtual assistance

If you have experience in managing people or administrative tasks, you can provide virtual assistance to businesses.

This can be done remotely or in person. Virtual assistants help entrepreneurs, and other professionals streamline their daily activities, such as booking flights and hotels, ordering supplies, and arranging conferences.

You can find these types of jobs on sites like UpWork, Freelancer, or PeoplePer Hour.

You can offer assistance with managing social media profiles, blogging, creating email campaigns, managing websites, or any other tasks that businesses outsource because they don’t have the time or skills to do themselves. 

You must have excellent communication and organizational skills to succeed at this type of remote work, as well as a computer with reliable internet access. Virtual assistants can earn between $10 and $20 hourly.


Become an Online Influencer


If you’re a well-known personality or have a large social media following, you can monetize your online presence by becoming an online influencer.

Some of the best ways to do this are by partnering with brands and creating sponsored content or by starting your own subscription services like a YouTube channel or email newsletter.

You can set your rates, but it’s usually around $50-$300 per post, depending on how large your audience is.


Build an app and monetize it


You can build an app and monetize it by either selling the app or the data that the app collects. Once you’ve created your app, you can publish it on one of the many app stores.

Even If you’re not a skilled programmer, you can still create an app and monetize it by partnering with someone who is proficient at programming. You can also partner with a data-collection company and sell access to your app’s data.

These are just a couple of examples of how you can create an app and make money from it. In the future, you can expect the growth of apps to continue. 

Apps are now a standard way of doing things, and they are likely to become even more critical in the future. With this in mind, there will be a growing need for apps, and with this opportunity will come an increasing number of people trying to make money from apps. 

With a bit of knowledge and effort, it’s possible to create an app and make money from it, too.

Start A Youtube Channel

ways to Make Money online in kenya

Youtube is a video-sharing website that allows users to upload, view, rate, and comment on videos. It’s one of the most popular websites in the world, and it’s growing significantly.

There are hundreds of millions of people who visit youtube every month. Many people use Youtube to listen to music or watch videos.

You can also create your own Youtube channel and start making money from it. You can create your own channel and start uploading videos on it. Once you have created your Youtube channel, you can monetize it by placing ads on your videos so that you can earn money from them.

You can also make money from your Youtube channel by creating sponsored content for companies and brands. You can create sponsored content by creating video reviews for products and services.

You can also make money from YouTube by using Google AdSense ads on your videos. Once you have created a Youtube channel and started uploading videos on it, you need to promote your channel so that more people get access to it.

In fact, YouTube should be on the list of everyone looking for ways or how to make money online in Kenya.


Conclusion On How To Make Money Online In Kenya


Making money online in Kenya certainly doesn’t come easy, but it can be done. You can take one or more of the above-mentioned steps, and you’ll be on your way to building a sustainable income.

You can also use this time to build skills that you can use for other work in the future. One of the best things about working online is that it’s a skill that you can continue to build and improve on over time. Happy Making money online in Kenya.

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