How to Make Money with Your Smartphone in South Africa

Would you like to know how to make money with your smartphone in South Africa, even without being a techie or a geek? This content explains all you need to know on how to make money with your smartphone in South Africa, then keep reading.

All you need is an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to know how to make money with your smartphone in South Africa, and you can start making money from the comfort of your home.

Smartphones have become essential in today’s world. South Africa, the country has a population of over 45 million people, and 65% of them have access to a smartphone.

With more users having smartphones, apps are becoming increasingly common, especially with their increased use of social media and online shopping.

If you own a smartphone, there are plenty of ways you can make money with it in South Africa. Here are some ideas on how to make money with your smartphone in South Africa that won’t cost you much but can still yield great returns.

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Make Money Testing Mobile Apps 

how to make money with your smartphone in south africa

Mobile app testers are people who test out new apps and report back their experience to the app developers. Several apps are always looking for new testers in South Africa who want to make money with their smartphones.

Some of the tasks that you will be doing include Applause, Software Testing, Beta Testing, and User Testing. You can sign up on websites like Cheakealos, Enroll, Ferpection, and many more. They will notify you when new app testing opportunities arise.

You’ll be paid a one-off fee per test and will get paid according to the experience you have. Testing apps don’t take up a lot of time and can be done while you’re on the move.

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Performing Simple Tasks Online With Your Smartphone

how to make money with your smartphone in south africa

There are quite some apps that will pay you money to perform simple Tasks in South Africa.

These include apps like Qmee, SwagbucksIbotta, and Shopkick.

They will pay you cash for completing certain actions which could be installing their apps on your smartphone, shopping online, and browsing the internet.

  • Qmee pays you to use its search engine by giving you cash back on purchases you make online from websites such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.
  • Swagbucks will pay you to complete tasks such as taking surveys, shopping online, watching videos, playing games, and even installing apps on your smartphone.
  • Ibotta will pay you to shop at certain online retailers. They have partnered with supermarkets such as Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Spar, and Shoprite, so you can shop and make money at the same time.
  • Shopkick will pay you to walk into certain stores and shop. You can earn gift cards or coupons by simply walking into stores such as Pick n Pay or Spar and scanning the barcodes of items in-store.

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Become A Freelance Writer Online 

how to make money with your smartphone in south africa

You can become a freelance writer online by writing articles on any topic under the sun and getting hired to work for a company on freelance websites like Upwork, and Fiverr or which pay writers per article written based on their quality.

You can start by writing for blogs and then move on to writing for bigger websites. If you have an area of expertise, such as fashion or technology. You also write for websites about topics that interest you.

You can write reviews on products you have purchased or used, discuss what is happening in the world and share your opinions with the world.


Earn Money With Shoutouts

Shoutouts are a commonly used way of promoting products and services online. You’re paid a certain amount for a certain period to promote something on social media like Instagram or TikTok.

For example, you might be paid R30 per day to post a picture of a product or service with an ad that promotes it. There are many websites in South Africa where you can sign up to do shoutouts.

Some of the sites that allow you to make money on shoutouts include BuySellShoutouts, Shoutcart, and others.

Take Paid Surveys

Apps to make money south africa

This is a good option if you want to make a little extra cash on the side or cannot commit to a regular schedule. The best mobile survey sites let you earn money by answering a few questions on your phone.

You can usually expect to make $0.5- $5 per survey, and most of these sites let you claim your earnings directly to your account as soon as you reach a certain threshold.

Another great benefit of taking paid surveys on your phone is that they are convenient. You can do them at any time and from anywhere.


Although some surveys do require you to have certain demographics, most of these sites let anyone sign up and start completing surveys. 

Taking paid surveys is a great way to make money with your smartphone and you can do it from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. You can also make money while you’re at work or waiting for something.

Some survey sites to make money with your smartphone in South Africa include Inbox Dollars, Opinion space, Survey JunkieSurveyeah, and some others.

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Affiliate Marketing


If you are looking for how to make money with your smartphone in south Africa Affiliate marketing is one of the smart ways to go.

With affiliate marketing, you earn a commission by promoting other people’s products. You will promote someone else’s product or service for them and earn commissions on sales that are made through the affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money online. You can promote anything from downloadable courses to eBooks, to physical products. You can promote products from Amazon, Clickbank, or any number of other sites. 

Once you have an affiliate link, you can use social media, put it on your website, or otherwise promote it. There are many ways to make money with affiliate marketing. 

You can put together a blog post or video review of an affiliate product and include your affiliate links in it, that way if anyone clicks on your link and purchase the product, you get paid.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to start your making money online journey, it is open to anyone and can be done from anywhere and it is a very flexible way to earn money online. 

Depending on the offers that you promote, you can focus on any target audience. For example, you can promote beauty products and cosmetics to women, sports equipment to men, or anything else. 

Most affiliate marketing programs have no upfront costs, so you can start your affiliate marketing journey with little to no financial investment. just register and start promoting other people’s products.

Establish Your Brand With an App

Many app-building platforms are out there that allow you to build an app with your mobile phone. You can create an app with any niche such as a shopping app, gaming app, travel app, or education app.

You can make money with your app in different ways. You can make money by using an in-app purchase model where people can buy things with real money within the app.

You can also earn money by showing ads or letting companies pay you to let them show their ads within the app. You can also make money with affiliate links by letting people download your app and then trying to get them to buy something else (like an ebook) or using your app to sell something.

An app is great because it can earn you money even when you’re not using it. Once the app is downloaded to someone’s phone, you can make money from that person every single day by charging them in-app purchases but you must make sure your app idea is something useful and people will want for this to work out.

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Write And Publish An eBook

Writing and publishing an eBook can be done with your smartphone. The first step in this process is to write an eBook about a topic that you know about. Once you have a topic in mind, research it as much as possible. 

Once you have a plethora of information about the topic, start putting together an outline for your eBook. If you find yourself struggling to come up with an outline, try starting with a question that your eBook will answer. 

Next, you will want to start typing up your eBook. As you are typing it up, be sure to proofread each sentence multiple times. Make sure that it sounds natural and is easy to read. Once you have your eBook typed up, you will want to publish it. This process can be done with most smartphones.

With kindle direct publishing and other self-publishing platform online at your disposal, publishing an ebook can even be easy,

Once you’ve written your eBook, you can publish it online on platforms such as Amazon or Gumroad by signing up as a publisher. Once it’s published, you can start marketing your book and making money.

But unfortunately, this is the part that takes some serious hard work and dedication – If you try to take a shortcut or rush through it and you might just end up with a rubbish book that no one wants to buy.

Divide your eBook into chapters, sections, or anything else that makes the structure clear. Set yourself a deadline (be realistic) and divide the number of headings by the number of weeks until then: that’s your weekly writing target.

Make sure each chapter has a clear purpose. Each section has a logical connection to the topic of the book. The first sentence in each paragraph should be a reader-friendly lead, and the final sentence in each paragraph should be an actionable takeaway. 

Keep in mind that the best eBooks are written with the reader in mind.

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Conclusion On How to Make Money with Your Smartphone in South Africa



Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. They are used for everything from communicating with friends and family to making money. If you own a smartphone, there are plenty of ways you can make money with your smartphone in South Africa.

These include becoming a mobile tester, installing apps that pay you cash, taking paid surveys, and writing and publishing an eBook. No matter which way you choose to make money with your smartphone, you can do it from anywhere and at any time.


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