How To Make Money On Discord |The Easiest Ways

how to make money on discord

Discord has become one of the most popular communication platforms with over 150 million active users. Beyond chatting with friends, Discord offers innovative ways to actually make money directly through the app. From selling services to creating Discord bots, there are now diverse money-making opportunities on Discord. In this guide, we’ll explore the top proven methods for monetizing your presence on Discord.

14 Easiest Ways to Make Money on Discord

make money on discord
How to Make Money on Discord

1. Sell Services

Offer Coaching & Lessons

With thriving gaming, music, and creative communities, Discord is ideal for providing coaching or lessons in your area of expertise. Set up a server and promote your services for a fee. Offer scheduled coaching sessions via screen-share or private voice channels. Topics like esports coaching, music production lessons, and art tutorials do well.

Provide Freelance Services

Leverage your skills as a freelancer directly through Discord by promoting services like programming, graphic design, writing, video editing, etc. Create a portfolio, service packages, and pricing in your server. Make the ordering and delivery process transparent. Expand offerings once you build a client base.

2. Sell Digital Products

Sell Digital Products

Discord can also be a platform to sell digital products like stock photography, music files, ebooks, courses, templates, addons, plugins, and more. Price each product and outline what customers get. Use bots to handle payment collection and delivery.

3. Monetize Your Server

Offer Paid Roles

If you operate a popular public Discord server, offer exclusive paid roles that give members access to special channels, emojis, badges, and perks. Popular benefits include participation in member-only events, the ability to add reactions, and access to exclusive channels.

4. Set Up Subscriptions

Subscription passes allow you to earn recurring revenue from your server. Offer monthly or annual subscriptions that unlock areas and privileges. Passes can range from $2 for basic to $10 or more for VIP status. Subscriptions incentivize members to engage long-term.

5. Sell Custom Emojis & Stickers

For servers focused on a specific topic, create related custom emojis or stickers that members can purchase to use in reactions and conversations. Unique emoji and sticker packs catered to the community can be sold for a few dollars.

6. Leverage Advertising

Server Advertising

Promote Sponsorships

Especially for large public servers, you can earn money by promoting sponsors through custom Discord integrations. Product demos, exclusive offers, channel takeovers, and member surveys can provide value for sponsors. Negotiate sponsorships starting from $100 per month.

7. Run Community Contests

Hold contests like fanart competitions, gaming tournaments, giveaways, etc., and seek brand sponsorships for prizes and promotion. The exposure helps brands while contests drive engagement in your server. $25-$50 sponsorships per contest can add up.

8. Sell Server Advertising

Offers channels dedicated to advertising, like #promo-chat, where businesses can pay to promote links, deals, and offers. Create advertising packages for different periods of time and user reach. Provide analytics to demonstrate ad performance.

9. Develop & Sell Bots

Create Custom Bots

With the Discord bot API, developers can build AI chatbots for performing moderation, delivering content, collecting feedback, and enabling transactions. Develop bots tailored to your servers or create general-purpose bots for a target market.

10. Offer Bot-as-a-Service

For non-developers, you can create a bot and rent it out to Discord server owners for a monthly fee starting around $10-$15 per month. Handle bot updates, and maintenance and offer customer support as part of the service.

11. Sell Bot Source Code

Those with advanced Discord.js skills can build bot templates and sell the full source code on marketplaces. Customizable music bots, auto-moderator bots, leveling bots and more can fetch up to $100+ depending on capabilities. Offer setup guides and support.

12. Get Paid through Partnership Programs

Partnership Programs

Join the Discord Partner Program

Discord offers verified servers the ability to make money through its partner program. Perks include special badges, stickers, and the ability to sell nitro subscriptions. Requirements are at least 50 members and active for 2+ months.

13. Become a Discord Hypesquad Member

As a Hypesquad member, you get a special badge and can participate in community events. While unpaid, it gives you visibility to potentially be recruited as a paid brand ambassador or influencer.

14. Promote Discord Nitro Subscriptions

Discord allows select creators to earn a 30% commission on Nitro subscriptions they drive through special referral links. To qualify, you need a strong following and content that attracts active Discord users.


Discord offers a surprising variety of money-making opportunities. Identify your expertise and assets that can translate into paid services, products, roles, and advertising. Develop niche bots at scale or partner with Discord formally. With creativity and persistence, you can build multiple income streams by delivering real value to Discord communities.

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